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Have you been feeling in a low mood lately?
Do worries and negative thoughts overwhelm you?
Are you experiencing relationship problems?

You don’t need to wait to get the help you need. With in-person and virtual appointments available now, we’re ready to help you find relief. Let us provide you with the tools needed to start healing today.

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Get access to help quickly with Numinus counseling, therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions.

We get to the root of your struggles by applying a relationship-centered approach that supports your mental health.

Our team of experienced therapists bring a trauma-informed and culturally safe lens to everyone they support, working first and foremost to ensure you feel safe and heard.


All of our practitioners are registered clinical counsellors, psychologists, or registered social workers, combining tried-and-true approaches like CBT and EMDR with the best of emerging somatic and mindfulness-based therapies.

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It all starts with connection. Answer specialized questions tailored to your struggles so that we can help you connect with the right therapist for your mental health recovery needs.

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On an intake call, we will work together to find out more about you, your story, your struggles, and what you’re looking to get relief from. Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we will connect you with a therapist best-suited for your mental health concerns.

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Communicate with your Therapist

Once we’ve matched you to a therapist that specializes in your area of mental health concerns, start your therapy sessions. Connect with your therapist in a way that makes you comfortable – video chats, in-person meetings, group therapy, alternative treatment, or on the phone.

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Learn Coping Skills and Get Relief

Set up appointments based on your level of comfort, goals, and preferences. With a wide range of service offerings and therapy techniques available, learn how to cope with your struggles and get quick relief. Continue on your path to healing.

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Experienced, licensed therapists who are ready to help you

Our team knows your story is unique, as is your path to healing. Pain can show up in different ways – depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance use and addiction, eating disorders, sleep problems, and more. Whatever form your struggles are taking, our skilled team of therapists will help you get to the real root of your challenges, and build a treatment program that’s suited for you.


“I was able to have my life saved by the supportive therapies around mental health. I believe everyone should be able to have access to the same healing that I was able to have.”

– Anonymous 

“There is really an opportunity for us to reframe how we think about these solutions. It’s way less about how we manage the symptoms or how we treat things that are arising, and more about how we understand why they’re there in the first place and what we can do to give people lasting relief.”

– Anonymous 

“It’s such an opportunity for all of us to bring out these new sides of ourselves, to lead with compassion. It opens the conversation and gets people talking about these things. It’s been so stigmatized and misunderstood.”

– Anonymous 

After you answer some questions about yourself, you will be paired with a Care Coordinator for an intake call. They will lead you through a structured interview, normally lasting about 20 minutes, where they will both explore your needs, as well as inform and educate you about the various therapist styles and offerings.

If there is more than one possible therapist match, the Care Coordinator will point you to the therapist profiles on our website and allow you to read your therapist’s bio, written in their own words. This allows you to get a sense of the therapist and make an informed choice.

People choose to start therapy for a variety of reasons. Some have an existing mental health condition and need support managing their symptoms. Others recognize that there are areas of their life that could use improvement, such as in relationships, or the workplace, and are looking for support from a trained practitioner.

Therapists can help provide you with concrete tools to help handle day-to-day stressors and difficulties, or they can help go deeper into your past, allowing you to explore and resolve long-standing issues.

Fees vary by practitioner, their levels of training, their years of experience, as well as the province or city in which they practice. All your options will be outlined by our Care Coordinators during your free intake call.

For extended health insurance, it depends on your personal plan. If your insurance covers Registered Clinical Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychologists and/or Registered Psychotherapists, then it will likely cover some of the costs but it’s best to check with your own insurance provider after you are matched to a Numinus practitioner, before starting therapy.